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All are welcome to our Sports Injury Clinic in Peckham, whether you are injured, suffering from back pain or simply looking for a health check. At SMSM Therapy we offer a unique and modern day twist in long-term rehabilitation. We believe patient learning is the most powerful method of staying on top of your symptoms, diet, exercises, treatments and injury prevention.

We use an evidence based approach to bring you back to full-functionality. A consultation will be done to understand your suitability to treatment. Taking into account of pain type, age, medical history and other contraindications to massage. We understand that all patients are different. Therefore, this requires us to assess different angles to treatment. With our dynamic range of therapies and expert knowledge, be rest assured that you’re in the right hands.

Our services include:

Expert injury assessment

Our experienced therapists have the knowledge, tools and protocols to accurately diagnose the injury. Patient learning will be provided along the way, so you are up to date on your health.

Treatment and rehabilitation program

Treatments will depend on your diagnoses and physical health. Whether your injuries are chronic or acute we will device a strategy to ease your pain, improve range of motion and enhance strength.

General treatments

If you are not suffering with injury, you may like to treat yourself to a Swedish massage or deep-tissue massage. These types of therapies can relieve stress, realign muscle fibres and improve posture.

Sports taping

Sports tape is used to support joints and muscles during activity or improving your posture throughout your day. We apply the kinesiotape using special techniques that prevents restriction to your range of motion. The tape is more elastic than usual sports tape and thus can be used with muscles as well as joints.

Biomechanical assessment

A biomechanical assessment is designed to locate and correct the source of potential injuries. The sports therapist will look at posture, symmetry, alignment, strength and flexibility.

Dharam is friendly, calm and very knowledgeable. After a thorough investigation and explanation of my issues, I had a sports massage and manipulation - both of which really helped alleviate pain and tension. I was also given exercises to do at home. I will definitely be back.

Binni Bryford

Brilliant sports and deep tissue massage. Very friendly and informative. Including offering very good advice. I would highly recommend!!

Jim M

I suffer from severe back pain and a bad posture (disproportionate) to say the least. I had my first session/treatment on Saturday gone and to say the least I feel good already. Dharam the therapist is very thorough and elaborative on what the treatment is going to entail and he goes a further mile to discover the route cause of the problem.

Nyarai Nhau

Amazing Massage Experience

Archana Dave

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