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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a non-invasive treatment holds many benefits including restoring muscle and tissue balance, increase flexibility, enhance nerve function and improve posture.

Osteopaths use their hands to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients.  A variety of techniques can be used including massage, manipulation, movement of the joints, and stretching.

Why Choose Us?

At SMSM Therapy, we recognise that every patient is unique and requires a specific treatment plan to improve their wellbeing. Along with feeling better from our treatments, we provide a learning factor for our patient to understand their conditions and why it’s happened. We believe this is the best way for our patients to manage their pain without their Osteopath in the long-term.

How We Perform Osteopathy?

We provide a unique step program to bring you to full functionality. We ensure every patient receives an initial consultation which assesses neurological, motor and sensory conditions which may affect their conditions. A thorough posture assessment is conducted which follows a specific treatment including a combination of massage, spinal manipulation, vibration therapy and dry-needling. 

It’s essential to maintain your osteopathy improvements, therefore, a specific exercise program is provided with resistance bands.

About Osteopathy

Osteopathy has been a safe and effective means of treating a variety of biomechanical problems of the spine. Pain relief is one of the main benefits from spinal manipulation; improvements may even be felt immediately after.

How Osteopathy Works

Let’s start from the beginning. Your spinal cord is a long cord which runs from the top of your brain stem to the length of your spine below. From here, small thin nerves reach different muscles, organs and glands around the body. From having long term poor posture your spine can become misaligned, putting pressure on the spinal disc and eventually on the nerves. The nerve can impact your sensory glands (sensations i.e numbness, pain, tingling), motor system (muscles i.e flexibility, strength) or even organs (heart, lungs, eyes etc).

A misaligned spine can shorten and tighten muscles and ligaments that surround the spinal column and very well change the structure of your spine for the worse. It may lead to stiffness, sharp pains, numbness, tingling and shooting pains. Osteopathy allows the joint to go past its normal end range but safe enough to not surpass its anatomical end range of motion. This is turn will loosen deep muscles and ligaments which surround the spine, thus increasing flexibility.

Why choose Osteopathy at SMSM Therapy?

Our aim at SMSM Therapy is to fully understand our patient’s problem so we can tailor an individual treatment plan to stop pain and injury from recurring. We recognise that every patient is different and will require a thorough assessment before we diagnose the condition and perform any treatment.

Step 1 – Examination

Your initial session must include a consultation. A full medical case history will be taken including any past examinations you may have had. We will discuss the condition in depth and acknowledge previous treatments you have had. A posture assessment will be conducted with neurological, motor and sensory tests if required.

Step 2 – Treatment

Before treatment commences, it is essential to feel relaxed therefore peaceful music will be played. Your therapist will then explain the type of treatment which will be done. Treatment may last approximately between 35-45 Minutes. We usually combine massage, stretching, spinal manipulation, dry-needling and sports taping during our treatments.

Step 3 – After-Care

Once the treatment is complete, we believe that maintaining your improvements from Osteopathy is essential. Therefore, your therapist will teach your techniques in improving your posture and provide suitable exercises. Exercises will be adapted by changing the volume and intensity of each exercise throughout your program.

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