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An exercise program helps to provide balance to your structure by performing specific exercises to restore ideal posture. Its vital to continue a regular program along with deep-tissue massage or spinal manipulation to allow adaptation to be met and preserved.


Improves balance
Increase tendon, bone and ligament strength
Improved posture
Increases muscle tone
Reduces likelihood of further injury

What will happen?

Being starting an exercise program, you must complete posture analysis which can allow your practitioner to identify areas of asymmetry, decreased/increased muscle tone, knots/trigger points and assessing your strength on both sides.

How does the program work?

An exercise program can work in many ways. It can cater to improve flexibility, increase strength, improve mood, boost energy and control weight. A program allows you the patient to have a structured plan that focuses on their main goals. To provide structure to the exercise program, the F.I.T.T Principle to training will be used which stands for Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type. These main principles are regularly controlled to provide adequate adaptations to your strength, flexibility and weight to reach your main goals.

Why do you need an exercise program?

At SMSM Therapy a holistic approach to treatment is very important. The treatments like deep-tissue massage and spinal manipulation must be done in conjunction with an exercise program if you want the best results. That’s why your practitioner will devise an exercise program specifically for you.

How does it work?

Once posture is analysed manually and through pictures, your practitioner will assess areas of asymmetry (imbalance) and provide a specific exercise to provide balance to the area. Body-weight and theraband exercises are provided and practised in the clinic. You also can purchase your set of therabands at the clinic or they are free as part of a sports therapy plan.

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